IntenseDebate is a Javascript-based commenting system, which is perfect for static websites. This extention makes it easy to add IntenseDebate commenting to any page.


Configure _config/site.yml

Your _config/site.yml needs to include the property intense_debate_acct with your account identifier.

Property Description
intense_debate_acct The identifier for your IntenseDebate account

Use page.intense_debate_comments

This will emit the javascript necessary to provide IntenseDebate comment integration for the comments for the target page. Typically this should only be used once per page.

  = page.content
  = page.intense_debate_comments 

Use page.intense_debate_comments_link

This will emit the javascript necessary to provide simple IntenseDebate comment links for the target page. This is okay to invoke several times on a master aggregator (or index) page.

- for post in site.posts
      = post.abstract
      = post.intense_debate_comments_link




Generic Installation do

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