Awestruct 0.5.7 Released

I’ve recently released Awestruct 0.5.7! It’s been a few months since 0.5.6, and I know that one had some bugs, I’m sorry for that. Version 0.5.7 should be less buggy and also easier to upgrade to if you’re on 0.5.5, in fact my testing shows it’s a drop in replacement!

Thank you everyone who has helped not only this release, but also the previous ones as well, I really do appreciate the community and the help! I would like to call special attention to R. Tyler Croy for finding some new edge cases I was able to fix!

You can see the full log at Milestone 0.5.7. For those interested in the actual commit history, it can be found at GitHub.

There have been 20 issues fixed in version 0.5.7! As I said lots of those were bugs.

Awestruct has been decoupled from compass and sass in this version. You no longer need to have sass or compass to get things working. Generation with zurb-foundation and bootstrap are still supported, however, blueprint and 960 are no longer supported. You can use the sassc gem if you would like and receive some quick speed improvements to your stylesheets! Note that sassc is not compatible with any version of compass. If you are currently relying on compass, you will need to find something else to take it’s place, you may want to check out Bourbon, however, configuring that is beyond the scope for this blog post. Should someone like to contribute a guide for doing that, it would be a great addition.

There were a couple of small improvements for logging, but they really shouldn’t affect many people. There is now a new performance log which outputs time spent in various parts of the execution. You can enable this with the --perf option set. The log will be available at .awestruct/perf.log.

There’s also some new verbose logging you can see with the -w option if you would like to see what’s happening during longer pauses of your site being built. Adding the verbose flag will also work with --perf and -D|--debug to provide even more information, should the need arise.

The debug flag outputs more information now, however, I STRONG RECOMMEND AGAINST using it for large sites, it will output A LOT for information you probably will never want to see.

Lastly, for those using ruby 1.9, I suggest you upgrade. Awestruct is no longer being tested against version 1.9 and I will not be supporting it in later versions.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to Awestruct and those of you who use it, help others to use it and/or evangelize the technology. We’re honored to have you as part of the community!

Now go create awesome sites!